Discover 2000 years old Ancient Khorezm Fortresses with us!

ROUTE:     Nukus -> Chilpik Kala -> Khiva
DAYTRIP DETAILS:     Daytrip Duration is 3-4 hours;     Driving time is 2-3 hours;     Driving Distance is 225 km.
INCLUDED:     Brand new cars, fuel and a good driver with basic English & Russian   
EXCLUDED:     Entrance tickets of the sites, meals and etc.

We pick you up from your place in Nukus with our driver and start the Daytrip. You can start the Daytrip at any time of the day. It is recommended to start the trip in the morning after breakfast or in the afternoon after lunch. It takes about 40 minutes to drive from Nukus to Chilpik Kala.

Chilpik Kala is a Dakhma or Tower of Silence which was used by people of the Zoroastrian faith for exposure of the dead. The bodies were laid out under the open sky for the birds to eat. When the bones were cleared, families collected them and placed them in clay or stone ossuaries for burial. The building was originally constructed in the first centuries CE but saw a phase of rebuilding in the 7th - 8th centuries and again in the 9th - 10th centuries.

It takes about 90 minutes to drive from Chilpik Kala to Khiva. We may drop you off in any place in Khiva and end the trip.

Photos of the Chilpik Kala

Price of the transfer "NUKUS- CHILPIK KALA - KHIVA"


For a Sedan type of car


1-3 Passengers with 1-3 Luggages


For an SUV (Chevrolet Captiva)


1-4 Passengers with 1-4 Luggages


For a Minivan (Hyundai Starex, Hyundai H-1)


1-7 Passengers with 1-7 Luggages


For a Minibus (Toyota Hiace, Foton View)


1-12 Passengers with 1-12 Luggages


For a Bus (Yutong, Foton)


1-45 Passengers with 1-45 Luggages


Khiva, Zargarlar 60, 
Postal code 220900
Krorezm Region, Uzbekistan