Discover 2000 years old Ancient Khorezm Fortresses on the way to Bukhara!

ROUTE:     Khiva-> Dumon Kala -> Guldursun Kala -> Bukhara
DAYTRIP DETAILS:     Daytrip Duration is 7-8 hours;     Driving time is 6-7 hours;     Driving Distance is 580km.
INCLUDED:     Brand new cars, fuel and a good driver with basic English & Russian   
EXCLUDED:     Entrance tickets of the sites, meals and etc.

We pick you up from your place in Khiva or Urgench with our driver and start the Daytrip. You can start the Daytrip at any time of the day. It is recommended to start the trip in the morning after breakfast around 8-9 am. It takes about 90 minutes to drive from Khiva to the first Castle – Dumon Kala.

Dumon Kala has an unusual shape. It is composed of three adjacent sections – a square-shaped western enclosure with corner towers; a smaller square-shaped citadel on the eastern side; and an irregular four-sided northern enclosure, the remains of which can no longer been seen.

Guldursun Kala is the next and  last fortress for the day. It is a fortified town. The exterior walls and towers date to the 12th century CE. Much ancient and medieval pottery and many bronze items and coins were found within the site during archaeological excavations. The coins indicate that the last period of occupation is related to the year 1220, during the rule of Muhammad Khorezmshah and the time of the Mongol invasion of Khorezm. 

After visiting Guldursun Kala it is about 4-5 hours to drive from Guldursun Kala to Bukhara through Kizilkum Desert. please feel free to stop in any place during the trip to have a break, to take photo or other reasons. Our driver will drop you off in your hotel, airport or train station in Bukhara and will end the trip.

Photos of the Daytrip "KHIVA → TWO CASTLES → BUKHARA"

Price of the Daytrip "KHIVA → TWO CASTLES → BUKHARA"


For a Sedan type of car


1-3 Passengers with 1-3 Luggages


For an SUV (Chevrolet Captiva)


1-4 Passengers with 1-4 Luggages


For a Minivan (Hyundai Starex, Hyundai H-1)


1-7 Passengers with 1-7 Luggages


For a Minibus (Toyota Hiace, Foton View)


1-12 Passengers with 1-12 Luggages


For a Bus (Yutong, Foton)


1-45 Passengers with 1-45 Luggages


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