Departure Guaranteed Shared/Group Day-Trip to Three Fortresses

Travel and meet with other tourists

  • Route

    Khiva - Urgench - Kizil Kala - Toprak Kala - AkchaKul Lake - Ayaz Kala - Urgench - Khiva

  • Daytrip Duration: 6-7 hours
    Sightseeing time: 2-3 hours
    Driving time: 3-4 hours
    Driving Distance : 225 km.
    Included: Hands-Free Brochures, a good drivers with new Cars with AC, pick up and drop off at your location and Mineral water (0.5l. per person)
    Not Included: Entrance tickets, meals, camel riding, Yurt Camp stay & etc.

  • $20 per person

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  • We start the Daytrip in front of our hotel/travel agency Islambek at 09:00 am every day from March till October including Saturday and Sunday. All passengers get in the car between 08:30-09:00 am. Mineral water (0.5L per person) and Hands-Free Brochure of the Daytrip with interesting historical information of each site is given to each passenger. Please come 10-15 minutes before departure time (around 08:40 am – 08:50). You are provided with enough free time to explore each the sites, for photos, break times, customized and flexible stops.
    The type of the vehicle provided depends on the number of passengers booked. Sedan type of car is provided if there are 1-3 passengers. Minivan is provided is there are 4-5 passengers. Minibus is provided if there are 6-13 passengers. All vehicles fully equipped with Air-Conditioner. Reservation procedures are very simple and quick. No partial prepayment is needed. You should contact us by email or WhatsApp to fill requested form with your information to make a reservation. Payment is done directly to our driver at the end of the Daytrip in cash in USD or equivalent in Uzbek Soums. We never cancel the Daytrip. If you are the only person in a shared Daytrip, a supplement of %100 is applied. At the last 12 hours before the Daytrip, you will be informed in the case that you are the only guest in the Daytrip and we will offer a choice between cancelling the Daytrip or paying supplement of %100 of the price.
    It takes about 90 minutes to drive to the First Fortress called Kizil Kala. It is recommended to spend 30-40 minutes there for sightseeing. The fortress Kizil Kala was originally constructed in the Late Antique period, 1st to 4th centuries CE, but was abandoned and then rebuilt in the 12th-13th centuries on the eve of the Mongol invasions. There is some debate about how this fortress may have been used in ancient times, with some scholars proposing that it was a garrison barracks for troops, whilst others suggest it was an early example of the many fortified manor houses that were typical of Khorezm in the early medieval periods (V.N.Yagodin & A.V.G.Betts (2006) Ancient Khorezm, UNESCO).
    After visiting Kizil Kala it is another 15 minutes to drive to the next Fortress called Toprak Kala. It is advised to spend 30-40 minutes there for sightseeing. The Toprak Kala is dated in the Kushan period, around the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE and was the royal residence of the kings of the Khorezm. The place, having first served as a Royal sanctuary, was briefly abandoned in the early 4th century and then after some restorations, was used as an administrative citadel for the city.
    After visiting 2 Fortresses our driver will stop at the shore of the Akchakul Lake for Lunch, Minimarket, toilet and etc. around 12:30. There are also Yurt camps and restaurants next to the lake where visitors can enjoy local meals, drinks and even Ice-Cream made from local milk. It is also possible to enjoy swimming and sand bath there in the Natural Lake Akchakul.
    After having break in Akchakul Lake it takes about 30 minutes to drive to the last and the best part of the Day - Ayaz Kala. It is recommended to spend 30-60 minutes there for sightseeing. Ayaz Kala is the biggest and the one of the most spectacular fortresses in the area. There are in fact, not one but three fortresses clustered together on and around a prominent hill at the Eastern end of the Sultan-Uiz-dahg range. The fortress provided defense against nomad raids. A gravel road leads up to a small cluster of Yurts, a tourist rest center overlooking a shallow but picturesque lake. The Fort dates to medieval times. It was probable founded in the Afrighid period, sometime around the 7th to 8th Centuries CE.
    After visiting Ayaz Kala, it is about another 90 minutes to drive back to Khiva. We finish the Daytrip in Urgench at around 15:30 and in Khiva around 16:00. We can drop you off in Urgench Airport, Urgench / Khiva Train Station or in your hotel both in Khiva or Urgench at the end of the trip without any extra charge. You can also bring your luggage with you in the trunk of the car during the trip. Please contact us via E-mail, Whatsapp or by calling to reserve a seat for you on this interesting Daytrip. Number of available seats are limited.

Pictures of the Day-Trip


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